Shipping and Delivery


MorNatural offers -FREE- shipping on orders of $49 or more within the U.S. 50 states.
MorNatural ships to many different countries around the world

We have many satisfied customers and treat each one with special care. We choose to engage with our clients and help you in any way we can to receive the products you wish in as timely a manner as possible.

We use USPS shipping exclusively and offer to our international customers:
  • First Class Package International (available to select countries):
    • 0 to 2 pounds total weight (0 to 1.4 pounds product weight) = $15.95
    • 2.01 to 3 pounds total weight (1.41 to 2.4 pounds product weight) = $24.95
    • 3.01 to 4 pounds total weight (2.41 to 3.4 pounds product weight) = $42.95

First Class Mail International usually has a 2 to 4 week delivery time, but rarely can take longer.

Please note: First Class Package International offers tracking to many European, and other, countries. Of those that are not offered tracking, many times your country postal service also has an internal tracking system (i.e. Russia) that will allow you to track your parcel to delivery. Please check with your local postal service for more information. This type of shipping has been reliable, affordable and has shown to arrive in an average of approximately 2 weeks to our European customers. Chances are also that you will not have to pay any additional import taxes.

  • Priority Mail International (available for select countries): Usually 2 weeks delivery time. We will ship via the most economic means possible (either regular priority at calculated rate by weight, medium flat rate, or large flat rate (flat rate boxes are limited in size). This shipping option offers tracking information direct to most major cities (otherwise, at least to destination country and in and out of customs). We will notify you via email if there are options in shipping.

Priority Mail International offers us recourse if a package is missing. We are able to file an inquiry with the USPS and they will communicate with the postal service in the country of delivery. First Class Mail International does not offer this service.

You are able to calculate the shipping charge through the shopping cart during the order process.

We do not use a third party or any type of drop shipping for any of the process to ship your package to you. All orders are processed and shipped from our temperature controlled warehouse in Ames, Iowa.

MorNatural is e-commerce based, passing the savings on to you.

Important Information for International Customers:

Import taxes: You may have to pay import taxes, customs duty, etc. in addition to our shipping fees.

Declaration of Value and Product Description:

All shipments will show contents as other / supplements and will be listed as the total number of unique types of supplements and/or non-perishable food items with a customs description of Natural Supplements for Individual Use and/or Non-perishable Food Items for Individual Use.

For example, if you ordered 1 of one product and 2 each of 2 other products for $50.00, we will state the following on the shipping label:
Quantity Description Cost
3 Natural Supplements for Individual Use $50.00

Please be sure that your shipping address, phone number and email are full and complete: The phone number and/or email may be used be your postal service to contact you in case they have problems delivering your order.

MorNatural will not be liable for packages refused, held by customs or lost within the postal system: We recommend that you contact your customs office, and ask about import regulations and restrictions before placing your order. It is important for you to become familiar with the Customs policies for your specific country before ordering. Customs regulations differ by country; not following regulations can result in high import duties, delayed delivery, or return to us. Please check with your Customs office to see if your country permits the shipment of the products you are going to order from us and if any additional licenses or permits are needed.

If your order is returned to us due to banned/restricted products, a wrong address, refusal to pay customs fees or because no one was there to accept delivery of your order, we will refund your credit card as follows:
  • The total amount of the order minus the shipping charge and 10 percent of the value of the order as a re-stocking fee. We will also subtract any other outside charges we may incur as part of the return of your order.
  • If the cost to return the product to us is equal to or more than the cost of the refund due or if the shipment is seized by customs there will be no credit processed, we will instruct the carrier to abandon the order and there will be no credit issued.
  • Refunds are also not available if you choose First Class Mail International shipping and the shipment is lost.
Credit card verification for first-time customers: For your protection and ours, it is important to make sure credit cards are being used by their proper owners. So, it is possible that customers ordering for the first time from MorNatural may need to scan and email us at information verifying your identity associated to the card. This may be a copy of the front page of your monthly credit card statement or bill or a copy of the front and back of the credit card along with a utility bill (water, electricity, or gas) that shows your mailing address. Your privacy is assured. Please understand that we respect your privacy and have no interest in your personal spending habits and we will not sell or distribute any of your personal information. If you are sending us a copy of your credit card statement, you may delete any purchase history from this document. We only need your credit card company's logo and address, your name and address, and the last 4 digits of your card.

If your country is not listed as one of the country choices, please contact us at and we will respond within a short time with an answer or resolution.