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    Supports the kidney and liver, memory and sexual endurance. Bioflavonoid antioxidant formula. Bioactive GLA. Iron-containing formula.

    Please note changes in shipping fees.

    From the beginning, we have offered First Class Package International shipping for $14.95 up to 4 pounds total weight (the average weight of packaging material is 0.6 pounds, so the product weight is always 0.6 pounds less than the total). This shipping method has always been popular and has become even more popular since more countries now offer tracking within your country.

    Over the years, we have had increases in what we pay the U.S. Postal Service for shipping, but we have held what you pay to $14.95 even though our cost has been up to $20 more than that for the packages between 3 and 4 pounds. We just received another increase from the U.S. Postal Service and unfortunately, we must raise our prices for this shipping method.

    Your new shipping costs for First Class Package International are:

    0 to 2 pounds total weight (0 to 1.4 pounds product weight) = $14.95

    2.01 to 3 pounds total weight (1.41 to 2.4 pounds product weight) = $22.95

    3.01 to 4 pounds total weight (2.41 to 3.4 pounds product weight) = $39.95

    Thank you all for your continued support of MorNatural!

    Robert Mortensen, CEO